Our company has highly qualified, talented and experienced electronic and software engineers absolutely dedicated to their profession. Their aim is always to achieve the best possible results in making products for our clients of custom instruments, tailored software, custom equipment, custom electronics, scientific equipment, test instruments, industrial automation, PC interfacing. Our company offers the latest technology solutions to our client’s, at an affordable price. In this way we supply our customers with advanced software and electronic technology saving their resources, time and money.

Our key policies are to deliver high technology, software and electronic solutions customized
to the specific needs of our clients at the most competitive price.
Flexi Modules© with their adaptability and flexibility give you
solutions that hugely enhance and upgrade your application or product.

We are using the latest software technologies in our software modules. We are continuously surveying and analyzing the products of all semiconductor manufacturers. Only the best parts with suitable - speed, resolution, specification, functionality and affordability are integrated in to our electronic modules.
Our company is modern and progressive having unrestrained creativity, continuous flow of innovative ideas. Completely open communications are imperative for us. That’s why we design software and hardware of the highest quality and incredible efficiency.

Many companies are not in position to have their own R&D department. We support client’s research and development. Thanks to our Flexi Modules© they are able to use the latest technology which we customize for their specific needs. This will make them more competitive and cost effective in the global market. If our client needs a specialist, for some particular field, or perhaps experts with multidisciplinary knowledge we can offer our help.

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