Flexi Modules

Flexi Modules are hardware, electronics and software modules for multi module systems made to reduce custom electronic and software design to make a client savings up to75%.

  • Flexi Modules are ready-made modules for - instruments, equipment, system, interface, control, electronics and software applications.
  • We deliver tailored custom software and electronic design.
  • Simultaneously we use our Flexi Modules to reduce the amount and delivery time for custom software and electronic design to reduce the cost.

Flexi Modules give custom tailored solutions, especially adjusted to the client’s applications delivered at an affordable price. The fact is that the Flexi Modules deliver custom hardware, electronics and software design to satisfy all your application needs and all your requirements.

Some of the Flexi Modules are customized adapters and interfaces for PC connection to many different devices, such as simple and ordinary to complex and high tech. We will enable you to connect and control your application via PC in a easy and fast way. Flexi Modules contain pre-designed hardware and software, customized for link-connection to PC by USB 2.0 480 Megabits PC serial peripheral interface link and other types of PC interfaces.

One set of Flexi Modules are software and electronic instrumentation orientated. These are: PC oscilloscopes, logic analysers / analyzers, PC data loggers, frequency metres, various monitors, analyzers, wave generators, counters, timers, test automation, spectrometers and many other instruments. These instrumentation modules are ready-made software and electronic modules.

Other Flexi Modules are software and electronic modules for: equipment, system, interface, control, electronics and software applications. Power, analog and digital design, microcontrollers and DSP are included in the Flexi Electronic Modules.

Our Flexi Simulator is a software package that simulates a client’s instruments, equipment and electronics which speeds up design and development. We develop the software and hardware simultaneously by the use of our Flexi Modules and Flexi Simulator. At the custom software design stage the Flexi Software Modules are connected to a Flexi Simulator. This simulates the hardware, which is not yet ready, during the hardware developing stage. This will enable speed up the design and complex development is question of weeks not several months or more.

Flexi Electronic Modules - Advantages:

  • There are no limitations imposed by the number and type of digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters, pulse with modulation PWM, memories, I/O channels, amplifiers, micro-controller, power drivers counters, digital signal processor DSP, timers and other semiconductor devices.
  • Flexi Modules can contain different types of digital to analogue converters/analogue to digital converters, with resolution from 8 to 24 bits, at high speed, and various sensitivities and scales.
  • If you disconnect the Flexi device from PC, the device will operate on its own if additional hardware containing DSPs or micro-controllers is added.
  • Any device or sensor can be plugged into Flexi Electronic Modules. Custom electronics will be made precisely for your particular application needs and added to Flexi Modules. You will be able to access to various measuring sensors and/or process control, pressure and temperature measurements, distance measurement, light measurement, vibration measurement, scientific applications, chemical analysis, turbine and engine monitoring and an infinitive number of others.

Flexi Software Modules - Advantages:

  • The most valuable feature of Flexi Modules is the tailor customized software modules that includes connection to PC using USB 2.0 serial interface to PC 480 Mega Bits speed.
  • Ready made Flexi custom software modules contained within the Flexi Unit, Flexi Instruments and Equipment
  • Already available and tested Flexi PC software modules for: Instruments, Equipment, Flexi Work Space, PC software interface, Flexi Software Modules for Excel, Access, SQL, Database, Web Server and other modules
  • We have Customized Software Modules for your specific PC application. This module can be a Graphic User Interface or data base, NET, Active X, with Access and Excel interfaces or application like: Data Loggers, PLC, Plotters, Relay Switches, Counters, Timers, Logic Analyzers - Analysers, Oscilloscopes, instrumentation, monitoring device, control and process equipment, automation applications and many other different applications.

Why did we choose USB 2.0?

  • Extremely high speed, serial bi-directional PC communication running up to 480 Megabits.
  • USB it is a tested and reliable standard link for PC peripherals. Cables and peripherals can be bought in any PC shop.
  • Hot plugging in with PC still working, without restarting PC, the Flexi Device starts running instantly.
  • Highly flexible connection. PC cable can be up to 5 meters or longer
  • Flexi unit is situated outside the PC. That’s why its physical size is not restricted by the lack of space and it could be a tiny or huge unit. Therefore, the Flexi Device is not limited by the number and type of connectors that your applications require.
  • Easy access to plugging –in connectors.
  • Depending on the application speed, a single PC can run, in parallel, up to 128 Flexi units at the same time.

Our Flexi Modules enable you to be free from the limitations caused by the lack of the processing power of one PC. With Flexi Modules you get the advantages of multiplying PC processing power, allocated just for your application. We can run, in parallel, a large number of PCs at the same time. We deliver to you a unique concept - our synchronized PC processing for complex instruments and equipment applications. Below shows a combination of Flexi Devices connected in Real Time using our Synchronized Flexi Net.

  • One Flexi Device is synchronously connected to an unlimited number of PC’s (Fig1), if the processing power of one PC is not large enough.
  • Synchronously running several Flexi Devices to one PC (Fig2)
  • Several Flexi Devices to a large number of PC’s (Fig3).

To discover more about this exceptional new procedure, please refer to: Multiplying PC Processing Power, Scientific Measurement.