Flexi Modules Advantages

Advantages of Our Technology are:

  • Ready made hardware and software modules
  • Affordable costs for custom software and electronics, cost reductions up to 75% by Flexi Multi Module Technology
  • Latest software and electronic technology
  • Custom and customizable software and electronic solutions which will satisfy all client’s requirements
  • Enhancing your application and giving you more features at the same time by Flexi Modules
  • Saving you time and speeding up your projects and applications by using our ready prepared Software and Electronic Flexi Modules
  • Custom tailored USB 2.0 interface to PC,
  • Unlimited number of communication channels connected and controlled by PC
  • Using existing PC resources, keyboard, user interface, screen, hard disk etc. reduces initial setup costs for custom electronic
  • Great flexibility, creating a way to avoid hardware and software limitations
  • USB 2.0 Serial interface to PC at 480 Mega Bits. It is the most common advanced interface to PC
  • We can interface to anything as we deliver tailored hardware and software for your application and requirements using Flexi Modules
  • Easily interfacing and applying Excel, Access, My SQL, Microsoft SQL, Databases, NET interfacing, various APIs…
  • Multiplying PC processing power by the simultaneous connection of an unlimited number of PCs to your application
  • Run simultaneously one or up to several hundred PC’s at the same time with your application
  • One PC can run, up to 128 Flexi Devices simultaneously dependent on the application speed
  • Extremely advanced monitoring and control of your application, with a PC by using our Flexi Modules
  • USB PC cable length up to 5 meters (length can be multiplied).
  • Easy access to plugging-in connectors.
  • Hot plug-in, while PC is working. No need to restart your PC, the Flexi Device runs immediately.
  • Flexi Devices is located outside the PC. Therefore the physical size is unlimited and it can be a very small or a very large unit, dependent upon the number and type of connectors used with your application.
  • Various analog to digital converters / digital to analog converters, with resolutions from 8 to 24 bits, at high speeds, and a variety of sensitivity and scales.
  • On disconnection each unit can work independently from the PC by adding hardware containing DSPs or micro-controllers.
  • Flexi Modules are a customized unit into which you can plug any sensor or device. You will have access therefore, to different measuring sensors and/or process control, vibration measurements, pressure, temperature, distance measurements, turbine and engine monitoring, scientific applications, light measurement, chemical analysis and many, many more.
  • We use many different software methods and resources to develop your custom software: Custom drivers, DLL creation, Multi Thread, Multi-Process Applications, MFC, NET, Real Time processing, Real Time control system, data acquisition, data analyzes, high speed data collection and sorting, various communication protocols, database creation interfacing and organization, etc.
  • Customized Software Modules will be upgraded for your particular PC application. It can be anything from a Graphic User Interface, to data base, Active X, NET, with Excel and Access interfaces or applications such as; instrumentation, control applications, monitoring device, PLC, Counters, Timers, Data Loggers, Logic Analysers, Oscilloscopes, Plotters, Relays Switches and many other diverse applications.

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