LabDeck Plotter Software

LabDeck Plotter Scroll Zoom Inter-
Auto Roll Maths.
FFT 3D Excel Access Web Client Multiple Scale Web Server
Plotter Reader X X X X X X X X X X X
Standard X X X X X X X

LabDeck Plotter £ $ approx € approx
Plotter Reader FREE FREE FREE
Standard 13.65 19.80 19.80
PRO 18.49 26.80 26.80
Enterprise 25.45 36.90 36.90

Plotter - Academic and students 50% off

  • Easy to use - Master in 15 minutes, additional Demo Mode
  • Plot – Curve, Chart, Functions, Excel, Access, Wave Shape, Graph, 2D, 3D etc … and analyze them
  • Free Ploter Reader Software
  • You can enter explicit function as type of Y=F(X).
  • Unlimited files size
  • Files Supported: .lpp -LabDeck Plotter, .ldl-LabDeck Data Logger, .ldp-LabDeck Processed Data, .xls-Excel, .mdb- Access
  • User can open or save multiple curves from Excel, Access and LabDeck Plotter files
  • Able to open and display multiple files simultaneously
  • Merge curve files and save as a single file.
  • Mathematical functions, FFT, interpolation, integral, approximation
  • Linear, logarithmic, exponential axis, variable Y to X axis ratio
  • Auto Roll Mode
  • Monitor Mode for watching real time plot
  • Work with asynchrony and non periodic channels – variable time and function intervals
  • Multiple time intervals per function
  • Multiple Time Bases
  • Multiple types X and Y axis
  • Curve graph - Any of the four quadrants can be displayed, first and second, all four or any of 9 combinations
  • Auto Range
  • Smooth horizontal and vertical curves scrolling - curves visible during scrolling
  • Zoom facilities – customizable zoom menu with zoom in, zoom out
  • Variable Grid
  • Copy Graph to Windows Clipboard
  • Curve amplifying (both horizontally and vertically).
  • For each channel or curve separate amplification
  • Change curve phase and offset (input and output).
  • Manual data points editing - data table editing, changes then visible on graph
  • X/Y axis changeable units such as mS, Amp, V, ºC, Pa… etc
  • Axis labels showing text graph comments under axis Graphs points, line and background - preferences or options
  • Printing support – to file ( Bitmap, PNG, TFT…), to plotter data table
  • Real time connection to Excel
  • Works with Excel and Access Database files
  • Able to create and record Excel and Access data files
  • 3D graphics
  • LabDeck Plotter has its own Web Server - watching of plotter from web browser via internet
  • TCP/IP data transfer to plotter

 LabDeck Data Logger

LabDeck Data Logger Manual Rec All/Separate Table Mode Time Graph Mode Event Mode Mix Mode Excel Access Web Client Web Server
Standard X X X X X X X

LabDeck Data Logger £ $ approx € approx
Standard 8.20 11.90 11.90
PRO 11.65 16.90 16.90
Enterprise 17.18 24.90 24.90

Logger - Academic and students 20% off

  • Easy to use - learn in 15 minutes, contains Demo Mode
  • Unlimited number of instruments and channels which can be
  • Unlimited size of recorded files
  • Work with asynchrony and non periodic channels
  • Variable recording speed for each channel
  • There are no limitations to the number of recording intervals for each channel.
  • Five user modes, capable to satisfy various data logger applications
  • Manual Mode
  • Time Table Mode
  • Time Graph Mode
  • Event Mode
  • Mixed Mode
  • TCP Server and Client Mode
  • Merge data logger files and save as a one Excel or Access or Plotter data file
  • Users can open a file containing recorded data and then start to record, adding new data.
  • Various Print Options – LabDeck Print table, Excel table, Access table
  • Save recorded data in data logger *.ldl file, Excel and Access database
  • Converting and processing data
  • Web Server
  • Various configurations available, for one instrument or an unlimited number of instruments
  • Additional Options
  • LabDeck Data Plotter can directly connect to LabDeck Data Logger. LabDeck Plotter has FFT, interpolation and mathematical functions, 2D and 3D graphic, Roll Over and Monitor Mode etc…
  • Various LabDeck software modules can be attached to our data logger such as: plotter, monitor, digital meter, server, etc…


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