Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes the Flexi Multi Modules Solution a brand new concept?

2. How does the Flexi Module Solution brings a large savings?

3. What is the difference between custom electronics and customizable one– and in what way does the Flexi Modules Solution use them?

4. What are precisely Custom Electronics and Custom Software?

5. What are some of Flexi Modules features and advantage ?

6. Which are the main characteristics of Flexi Module Flexibility?

7. How can you make your advance application efficient at a reasonable price?

8. Why should you decide to buy our Flexi Modules?

9. What are the other benefits and possibilities?

10. How is it possible to use the flexi unit in scientific and complex applications or in the basic PC interface application?

11. Which software languages and technology is used by flexi?

12. What are the PC limitations and how to multiplied PC power?

13. Does your interfacing and applying Excel, Access, Microsoft SQL and MySQL?

14. What are Flexi Electronic Modules Solution?

15. Which DA - digital to analog converters, AD - analog to digital converters and sensors used by Flexi Modules?

16. Is microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP, FIFO, Counters, Timers and Memory available at Flexi Modules?

17. What is the possibility of using the Flexi Modules in a power application?

18. Is it possible to connect Flexi Modules unit to PC?


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